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What’s the minimum age in the salon?


Strictly over 18’s only, and we hope you’re flattered if we ask for id!

Spray tans:

Over 16’s, unless we have parental concent.


Over 16’s, unless we have parental concent.

how long can i go on a sunbed for?

It all comes down to the individual! Depending on your skin type and recent exposure to the sun our tanning experts will advise a time for optimum tanning!

How long does a spray tan last?

Typically a spray tan will last between 4-7 days. For maximum results and even fading, moisturise daily and exfoliate once a week. For more info on how to maintain a gorgeous glow, visit our blog page!

can i have a spray tan and then go for a sunbed?

Of course! Having a sunbed straight after your spary tan helps you dry off and really bake it in. Limit the sunbed to a short burst so that it dries your tan and doesn't make you sweat!!

Should i use a cream when using a sunbed?

Yes, yes and yes! The specially formulated tanning creams available at i-fake it allow you to maximise the tanning time you go on for but also help you keep your tan for longer too. There are different creams for different skin types, tan development and specific needs of the tanner, if you're unsure on which will be best to help you reach your optimum tan please ask us at reception and we can help guide you to the right one!

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